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San Diego Tuxedo AccessoriesAt A Better Deal Tuxedo in San Diego, tuxedo accessories are available to make your tuxedo look as fashionable and as stylish as you want to be. We will provide you with that custom-tailored look that most people never achieve with a tuxedo rental.

The time to be thinking of tuxedo accessories and prom tuxedo rentals is not a week before the event, a month before the event, or even a month from now. It’s now.

Types of Tuxedo Accessories

There is a range of accessories that go with tuxedos, including:

  • Long ties: Many younger men looking for a more current look prefer long ties, similar to those worn with a suit.
  • Bow ties: Instead of a long tie, men can opt for a bow tie, which offers a more classic look.
  • Vest: The vest is often paired with the long tie for a contemporary look.
  • Cummerbund: The cummerbund is often paired with the bow tie to achieve the classic tuxedo look.
  • Shoes: A Better Deal Tuxedo also offers various styles of shoes to complement tuxedos.

The Modern Trend: Matching Is In

In recent years, couples have gravitated toward matching fashions in their tuxedo and dress looks. While this has led some men to deviate from the traditional black tuxedo jacket, it usually means that the tuxedo accessories are colored to match the color of his date’s dress. To achieve the perfect match, careful coordination is necessary. If the tie, vest, and cummerbund are even a remotely different shade from the date’s dress, the overall effect will be spoiled, and you and your date will look as though you arrived with different dates altogether.

Another modern trend is to wear long ties rather than bow ties with the tuxedo. Long ties look slightly less formal and somewhat more contemporary, both traits that may well suit your personality and the image you wish to project at your event. If that’s the case, a long tie that complements your date’s dress may be your best possible choice.

Then Again, the Classic Look Is Timeless

Of course, you can’t go wrong with classic black tie, a fashion that will never go out of style. The black bow tie is one of the hallmarks of masculine elegance, and it allows you to avoid the potential embarrassment of mismatching your date. Indeed, wearing classic black accessories will give your date the opportunity to stand out and truly shine, whatever the color and design of her dress.

The classic bow tie need not be black, either. We offer a variety of bow ties and can work with you to find a tie that perfectly matches your date’s dress. Although there is nothing wrong with wearing a long tie with a tuxedo - the combination can be quite striking - a bow tie emphasizes that you are not wearing a mere suit, but a tuxedo, the pinnacle of male formal fashion.

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