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Tuxedo Rentals for WeddingsWeddings are great occasions for everyone, but they can also be stressful occasions, especially for the bride and groom. (The parents of the couple and the wedding parties may also be stressed out.) One thing that often worries couples and their parties is what to wear. The onus is usually on the bride, of course, but men also have pressure to look good as well. That's why our San Diego tuxedo rental and designer suit rental business is committed to helping people look their absolute best.

We want to take some time right now to look at why you may want to rent a suit for your wedding and why it may be advantageous to you.

Why rent a tuxedo for a wedding?

One of the main reasons that tuxedo rental is a great thing to consider for weddings is the cost. Renting a tuxedo is far cheaper than buying one, especially since the cost of a tuxedo usually starts around $300 to $500.

By renting the latest designer suits and tuxedos rather than buying them, you can put a lot of that money saved into other parts of your wedding or honeymoon. In addition, this is a big savings to your entire wedding party, and it may cut down on the hassle of getting everyone fitted for the same style tux as well.

Should I rent a tuxedo or should I buy a tuxedo?

We do understand that people may need or want to buy a tuxedo, whether for sentimental reasons (i.e., a wedding keepsake) or for practical reasons. In the case of the latter, if you attend many formal events, it would make sense for you to own your own tuxedo. We can definitely discuss this when you stop by and speak with one of our associates.

Will I have a limited choice of colors, sizes, and styles?

Not at all. A lot of people think that renting a tux means limited choice, but we have plenty of tuxedos and tuxedo accessories (e.g., vests, ties, pocket squares), that will allow you to create both classic and timeless looks as well as contemporary ones. We offer tailoring services to make sure your tuxes are just right for you and your wedding party.

On top of all that, we'll make sure you aren't clashing colors with your groomsmen or with the bridesmaids, floral arrangements, boutonnieres, or any of the other aspects of wedding décor.

Will there be enough for my entire wedding party?

Rest assured that we will be able to meet your needs. Renting a tux doesn't mean limited stock or limited service.

What else can I expect from the experience?

Just expect great customer care. And remember, if you have a question, ask it. We want to make sure you're totally confident in every decision you make so that you look your best and know it.

Tuxedo Rentals for Other Occasions

We don't just offer these services for weddings. We handle all formal events including prom tuxedo rentals. San Diego residents know full well that their look is our priority.

Learn More About Tuxedo Rentals for All Occasions

For more information about tuxedo and suit rentals for all kinds of occasions, be sure to contact our La Jolla tuxedo and designer suit rental center today. The entire team looks forward to meeting you in person and helping you make the best possible choices about your attire for your event.